Tiffany FN Chen


The movie, "The Intern" has been released by Warner Bros. Pictures. See Tiffany Chen with Robert DeNiro and Ann Hathaway practicing our Tai Chi form!



*** TIFFANY CHEN - IKF Hall of Fame inductee (click here for article from IKF Feb 2011 issue) ***


"Tiffany in Los Angeles"


"Tiffany and Max sparring!"


"Tiffany Chen and her father, William C.C. Chen"


The 1st World Kuoshu Championship (Sao Paolo, Brazil)
GOLD MEDAL†for†Women's Lei-Tai
TROPHY for The Best†Female Athlete



Towson, MD 
USAWKF  International Wushu-Kungfu Festival & Championship


International Chinese Martial Arts Championship July 2-3-4
Gaylord Palms, Resort & Convention Center, Orlando, FL 
Tiffany F. Chen 
Women's  Lei-Tai San-Shou Champion


Tiffany Chen, Women's Super Fight Winner

at Akron University's Memorial Hall

"Tiffany F. Chen"
Certified International Judge/Referee by
International Tai Chi Chuan Federation
Taipei, Taiwan



Tiffany Chen Biography

Tiffany took up ballet, Hula dance, swimming and gymnastics at age 5.  She added praying mantis and a double knife form practice with her uncle Howard Lee.   At age eight, she started figure skating.   By age eleven, she won three gold medals in regional Figure Skating Competitions.  She took up ballroom dancing like the other skaters to improve her form, but when she over heard the dancers say one day that they were looking into Tai Chi to help their movements, she realized then that it was time for her to go back to see dad, Grandmaster William C.C. Chen.  She entered her first Push Hands competition at age 16, at the U.S.W.K.F. National Chinese Martial Arts Competition in Orlando, FL.

Tiffany has won 43 Gold Medals.  One for Yang Style Tai Chi Form. 42 Gold Medals, Four Silver Medals, and Two Bronze medals for Fixed-Step, Restricted-Step, and Moving-Step T'ui Shou (Push Hands), close to half were international or world titles. 

Her most-recent championships: 

In recognition of her achievements and competitive spirit, Inside Kung-Fu magazine named Tiffany to its Hall of Fame as the Best Competitor of the Year.


Tiffany now has her own DVD on Tai Chi: Step-by-Step Tai Chi with Tiffany Chen.
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