Tai Chi Chuan - Art of The 60 Movements - Yang Style Short Form

William C.C. Chen
October 2008


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This book deals with the human body under the action of given forces and is based on practical physics, such as body leverage and the hydraulic pressures that exist in our body. The principles of body mechanics that are found in Tai Chi Chuan are universal to all human beings. These principles promote good health and animate one's daily activities. There is no doubt that they help martial artists attain their goal of speed and maximum power. Therefore, Tai Chi Chuan has for centuries been one of the best Chinese martial arts as well as a means of achieving physical fitness.

Since 1950, my emphasis has always been on the realistic applications of Tai Chi Chuan. In fact, the concept of body mechanics is the result of my lifelong devotion. Some people may think I am against the "supernatural" elements of Tai Chi Chuan. I would rather say that I am very happy and satisfied with its practical aspects.


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