~ In Memoriam ~

Master Luis Molera


Master Luis Molera passed away peacefully on May 11, 2015


Luis was much more than a gifted martial artist. He was a respectful student and always strived to be better. Even after attaining world class status in martial arts, he remained humble, approachable, respectful and was never a critic. In the classroom, he tried to inculcate in his students the same values he lived by. He coached in an atmosphere of understanding and compassion. A motivator who worked to bring out each individual's unique abilities and potential for growth. Luis was and will forever remain, among the most brilliant of my master teachers.  - Grandmaster William CC Chen


14 Years with Master Jeang Sheng-Chih and Master Chen Zhi Dan , Taipei (Taiwan)

17 Years with Master Chen Shiu-Yao, Taipei (Taiwan)

27 Years at Grandmaster William CC Chen Tai Chi Chuan, New York, (USA)








Memorials from our Teachers and students of Luis:

" I will always remember Luis as a knowledgeable and gifted martial artist, one who enjoyed spreading his knowledge and an extremely patient person with his students. What a gift to his students!" - Sifu Peter Herman

"Luis Molera was a tai chi master of world class rank. He was also a teacher extraordinaire who passionately and patiently made the practice of tai chi accessible to all who put in the effort to learn. His dedication to this art and his humble and tenacious approach to it inspires us to do likewise. He promoted Grandmaster Chen's form and teachings worldwide and is now among the pantheon of the yang style legends." - Master Alex Hing

" I will miss Luis pure impassioned tai chi spirit and his sensitive teachings." - Sifu Alice Klaris

"Luis, his quiet composure, his dedication to taichi, his wonderful work with the taichi fan will always be remembered by me." - Sue Wong

"Since I met Luis fifteen years ago, I admired his dedication and humanity.. I will remember him" - Sifu Carolyn Hearn

"I had always tried to train with Master Luis when he came to New York. His teaching style, especially on a one-to-one basis, was extraordinary. His expertise, patience and perseverance in teaching only furthered my respect of him as a true Tai Chi master. Words cannot express how much I will miss him, it is as if I lost a brother. I will never forget his kindness. The world has lost a great Taichi teacher, it is up to us to continue his legacy. Ich werde dich sehr vermissen , mein taichi Bruder. Descanse en paz, mi amigo!"  - Sifu Frank Pfeiffer

"Master Luis Molera was a masterful teacher, but I always considered him as my senior pupil of Grandmaster Chen. Master Luis and I often talked about how lucky we were to have met Grandmaster Chen in our lives. And I felt fortunate to have a big brother who walked in front of me with a searchlight to follow our maestro, and I now realize how much I was relying on his light. I miss him so much." - Sifu Kiyoko Kahiswagi

"I was extremely saddened to hear of Luis' passing. We became friends when we first met in a push hands competition in Hanover 2004 and I was very much looking forward to both playing and working with Luis in the future. He was not just a fellow tai chi player but a brother in teaching." - Sifu Calum Douglas-Reid

"Luis will be miss in Hawaii. We where blessed to have a master teacher like Luis to come to Maui and present his teaching skills to our Tai Chi community. Even through he has passed on we will carry on his Tai Chi skill he presented to us. We Love him and he will be missed." - Sifu John Rivera and Sifu Jan Osterneck

"It is sad, Luis was 55 years old. We spent many hours practicing together since 2002. He introduced me to the Tai Chi world, Pushing Hands, Shaolin Stick, Fan, Sable, Chi Kung, DaLui, Tai Chi festivals and championships. Because of him I taught my first Fan lesson in Germany and my first sword lesson ever in Spain. My school is as it is today because of him. I consider it a great loss he won’t be attending the Inner Touch Tai Chi centre in Zwolle. I was expecting his attendance on the 20th and 21st of June 2015. He has been coming annually since 2004. He stood for training for everyone who has an interest in it and he has been a great source of inspiration all over the world. I cherish his words of wisdom, his teachings and his joy in life. My condolences to whom it may concern. I hope for the strength to accept this loss thankful and gentle. Everyone lives his life as it goes." - Master Judith van Drooge, Inner Touch Tai Chi, The Netherlands

 "Wir trauern um unseren Freund und Lehrer und Gründer unserer Schule, Luis Molera" - Sifu Brigitte Kraft, Tai Chi Chuan Bremen, e.v. Germany

"Luis Molera, the senior master / brother in our lineage will be so much missed; by all who took his classes and were lucky to see his excellent performance in tai chi chuan. His very kind and natural attitude in communication and his way of dealing with discipline, his humor, adventurous optimistic attitude in life and his modesty will remain as an example and inspiration. A most wonderful freed person, never to forget." - Master Ceciel Kroes Netherlands

"I was saddened to learn of Sifu Molera's death. I've often heard his name, but unfortunately our paths never crossed. After watching the seemingly effortless skill he displayed in his videos, though, especially those of his fan and sword forms, it's clear that I could have learned much from him. My condolences to his family and friends, and to the many students whose lives he touched. It's said that we're all caretakers of the things we learn from one another, and it's clear from the many posts I've read that Sifu Molera's legacy, not only as a teacher but also as a caring human being, is in very good hands indeed." - Sifu Timothy Pitt

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